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English Grammar Tables – Intermediate Level


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6 pages

English Grammar Tables - Intermediate Level

Page 1: Adjectives; Adverbs (kinds, formation, comparisons, constructions)

Page 2: Indefinite Pronouns (all, every, each, none, both, neither, either, whole, some / any etc.)

Page 3: Verb Tenses

Page 4: Verb Moods, can / be able to; may / be allowed to; must / have to; Inflection of Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Page 5: Passive Voice; may / might; must; can’t / couldn’t; can / could; should / shouldn’t; used to; would      rather, had better; I wish / If only; it/ this / that is the first time (that)…; it’s (high / about) time

Page 6: Interrogative Sentences; Inversion; Exclamations, Question Words

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